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GL Communications Inc. provides professional telecom engineering and IT consulting services. We provide consulting services to Cellular, Wireless, Microwave, Fiber-Optic, Leased T-1 Network, and Satellite Communications...

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GL products fall under Wireless, Ethernet/IP, Optical, and TDM. In each of these network technologies, we provide both analysis and emulation test equipment. This means we can both simulate signals and analyze...

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15 Jan, 2019 Stress and Load Testing with Massive Subscriber Simulation for Packet Data/RTP Traffic
03 Dec, 2018 GL Releases PacketExpert™ 1G, 10G and 10GX - Latest Software v9.1.7
03 Jan, 2019 Gateway/Router Performance Measurements
17 Dec, 2018 GL Enhances PacketScan™ for all Wireless IP Protocols with Traffic Recording
14 Dec, 2018 GL releases latest PacketScan™ Software v8.12.11
10 Dec, 2018 GL releases latest PacketCheck™ Software v8.12.10
05 Dec, 2018 High Density Multiport 1G/10G Ethernet Switch Testing Made Easy!!
29 Nov, 2018 GL Releases enhanced VQuad v9.7 Software
26 Nov, 2018 APIs for Test Automation and Remote Access
21 Nov, 2018 GL Releases Enhanced WebViewer™ Software v5.6
13 Nov, 2018 Ensuring SS7 Network Security
23 Oct, 2018 Distributed Monitoring System at Probe Level (TDM / Wireless/ IP Networks)
09 Oct, 2018 Critical Timing Measurement Tools for Next Generation ATC Networks
03 Oct, 2018 GL Enhances End-to-End Wireless Network Simulation Test Suite
20 Sep, 2018 GL Enhances PacketCheck™
06 Sep, 2018 Echo, Delay, and Voice Quality Analysis Over Wireless and Wired Networks
29 Aug, 2018 Benchmarking and Drive Testing Smartphones and Handsets for Voice and Data Quality
22 Aug, 2018 Call Quality Testing in the Contact Centres
13 Aug, 2018 GL Releases enhanced MAPS ED-137 Recorder v8.7.27 Software
09 Aug, 2018 Ethernet Test Tool - PacketExpert 10GX with incredible features
08 Aug, 2018 GL launches all-new Ethernet Test Tool - ‘PacketExpert™ 10GX’ with incredible features
25 Jul, 2018 Migration from TDM to IP Networks
18 Jul, 2018 Test Serial Communications Links tProbe™ Datacom Analysis and Emulation
12 Jul, 2018 GL’s Centralized Diagnostic and Reporting Systems for Large Contact Centers, Data Centers
30 Jun, 2018 GL Releases Enhanced NetSurveyorWeb™ Software Ver 8.6.26
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