TDM, Optical, and Packet Multi-Interface (mTOP™) Probe Platform
for Test and Measurement

5th, Jul 2019

Welcome to July 2019 issue of GLs’ Newsletter providing information and insight into our new mTOP™ Probe Hardware Platform for TDM, Optical and Packet multi-interface testing. The smaller (compact) design with portability, USB interface, remote accessibility features make it is suitable for field testing, monitoring, and troubleshooting network conditions.


GL launches Multiple TDM Optical and Packet (mTOP™) Probe version which is an all-in-one self-contained test instrument. The comprehensive mTOP™ Probe hardware unit is designed for easier portability and convenient for field testing which incorporates the testing features for multiple TDM Optical and Packet interfaces along with necessary PC hardware in a single box. The mTOP™ Probe variants for multiple interfaces are discussed below. The Probe unit includes different GL’s USB based test equipment (PacketExpert™, tProbe™ (T1 E1), USB T3 E3, Dual UTAs, and LightSpeed1000™) incorporated along with the PC within a single box.

The in-built PC specification includes USB 3.0 ports (with support for mouse/keyboard), GigaBit Ethernet ports, Solid-state hard drive (256GB), Intel NUC Core i3 equivalent, 8GB memory, HDMI interface, along with Windows® 10 64-bit Pro Operating System.

In addition, GL also offers mTOP™ rackmount variant, which can house any combination of USB based test equipment (any TDM/Optical/Packet). Combinations of these USB test equipment can be easily deployed and securely fixed to an equipment rack to provide extraordinary scalability to test end-to-end multi-interface networks.

VQuad™ mTOP™ Probe

GLs’ VQuad™ mTOP™ Probe is an all-in-one self-contained VQuad™ with Dual UTA HD test instrument designed for testing telephony devices including Analog 2-wire FXO, Analog 4-wire, Phone Handset (RJ22), Mobile Radio with PTT, and Mobile Phone (Smartphone/Handset) for a variety of testing and analysis. The VQuad™ solution supports Wireless as well as 2-Wire and 4-wire analog calls using same hardware. User can perform simultaneous Voice, Video, Data, Fax, and Time Delay Measurements from a single VQuad™ mTOP™ Probe unit.

VQuad™ mTOP™ Probe unit includes necessary PC interface making it portable test equipment convenient for Smartphone/Handset Benchmark drive testing.

VQuad™ mTOP™ Probe unit (Front Panel View)

VQuad™ mTOP™ Probe unit (Rear Panel View)

Important features

  • Supports multiple simultaneous and independent interface testing
  • Configure Dual UTA HD devices as Analog FXO, Analog 4-wire (Headset), Bluetooth (Mobile phone), Mobile Radio with PTT, or Phone Handset (RJ22)
  • Provides full Automation using VQuad™ scripting and Remote operation using CLI and API
  • Supports Call metrics such as Call Failure, Call Drop, and Call ID
  • Supports Audio analysis including VQT POLQA, Delay Measurements, Signal/Noise Level, RMS Power, Frequency Response, Audio Dropout Analysis
  • Dual UTA HD supports NB, WB and SWB audio
  • Mobile Testing supports any mobile phone as well as all networks (including VoLTE and 5G)
  • All Results/Events sent to Central Database and accessed via WebViewer™

User can visit the VQuad™ mTOP™ Test Solution web page for detailed information.

mTOP™ T1 E1 FXO FXS Probe

mTOP™ T1 E1 FXO FXS Probe unit includes GLs’ USB based tProbe™ hardware unit with T1 E1 and FXO FXS interfaces for unified testing experience of TDM and Analog technologies.

It includes necessary PC interfaces within a single portable box as depicted in the images below, which makes it suitable for field testing; allows comprehensive Analysis / Emulation of Voice, Data, Fax, Protocol, Analog, and Digital signals, including Echo and Voice Quality testing.

mTOP™ Probe with tProbe™ T1 E1 interfaces
(Front Panel View)
mTOP™ Probe with tProbe™ FXO FXS interfaces
(Rear Panel View)

Important features

  • FXO port simulates a two-wire FXO device such as a telephone or a fax machine; the FXS port on tProbe™ emulates a 2-wire FXS service such as a telephone wall jack.
  • Enhanced VF Drop and VF Insert Capabilities using 3.5mm Balanced (Stereo), or Unbalanced (Mono) physical connections.
  • Analysis of Fractional T1s and E1s, N x T1s or N x E1s
  • Software selectable T1 or E1 interface along with Drop and Insert
  • Monitor the T1/E1 line conditions such as frame errors, violations, alarms, frequency, power level, and clock (or frame/bit) slips.
  • Support for all T1 E1 "basic applications" and "special applications"
  • Monitor the T1 E1 line conditions such as frame errors, violations, alarms, frequency, power level, and clock (or frame/bit) slips
  • Monitoring & generating alarms, and error insertion
  • Comprehensive Analysis / Emulation of Voice, Data, Fax, Protocol, Analog, and Digital signals, including Echo and Voice Quality testing

User can visit the tProbe™ - T1 E1 FXO FXS Analysis and Emulation Tester web page for detailed information.

mTOP™ Probe with Ethernet Tester (1 to 10 Gbps Electrical and Optical Ports)

mTOP™ Probe with PacketExpert™ 1G or 10GX (1G/10G) hardware devices along with necessary PC interfaces makes it an easily portable unit suitable for field testing.

It includes the necessary PC interfaces along with PacketExpert™ 1G Quad Port Ethernet Tester with 4x Electrical Ethernet Ports (10/100/1000 Mbps) and 2x Optical Ports (100/1000 Mbps) operating in Full Duplex mode.

Or the mTOP™ Probe can be incorporated with another Ethernet Tester variant -PacketExpert™ 10GX (1G/10G) which includes 4x 1G Electrical/Optical Ports (10/100/1000 Mbps) and 2x 10G Optical Ports (10000 Mbps) operating in Full Duplex mode Each GigE port provides independent Ethernet/VLAN/MPLS/IP/UDP testing at wire speed for applications such as BERT, RFC 2544, and Loopback.

PacketExpert™ 1G mTOP™ Probe
(Front Panel View)

PacketExpert™ 10GX (1G/10G) mTOP™ Probe
(Front Panel View)

Important features

  • All interfaces can run simultaneously and independently
  • Capable of simultaneous generation /reception of Ethernet to IP traffic at 100% at user-defined or auto-negotiated speed
  • Traffic options lets technicians generate Ethernet to IP frames with user-configurable frame length, and frame size with varying traffic rates
  • Wire speed BERT, Smart Loopback, RFC 2544, Record and Playback, ExpertSAM™ (Y.1564), IPNetSim™, IPLinkSim™, PacketBroker, Multi-stream Traffic Generation and Analyzer, and ExpertTCP֭™ (RFC 6349)
  • Field upgradable technology allows tester to stay current with industry trend.
  • Selective-port Loopback and Wire speed BER Testing
  • Wire-speed BERT, RFC 2544, Loopback, and WAN Link Emulation
  • Layer 1, Framed Ethernet (Layer 2), Stacked MPLS (Layer 2.5), IP (Layer 3), and UDP Layer 4)
  • User selectable Electrical and/or Optical interface allows mixed technology testing
  • Command Line Interfaces – C#, TCL or Python clients using MAPS™ CLI Server, allowing remote control
  • Real-time results are presented per port and all-port basis in both tabular as well as graphical formats
  • Consolidated detailed test result reports for all the ports on all the devices in PDF and CSV file formats

User can visit the mTOP™ Ethernet Tester web page for more details.

mTOP™ Probe with OC-3/12 STM-1/4 Optical Tester

mTOP™ OC-3/12 STM-1/4 Probe unit includes GLs’ USB based LightSpeed1000™ hardware unit with optical interfaces.  mTOP™ Probe unit which includes optical tester along with the necessary PC interfaces makes it suitable for field testing. It is a perfect optical test tool for customers who require portability and remote accessibility.

LightSpeed1000™ hardware platform is capable of OC-3/12 and STM-1/4 wire-speed processing on quad optical ports for functions such as wire-speed recording and wire-speed playback of Unchannelized and Channelized ATM, PoS, and RAW Traffic.

mTOP™ Probe with LightSpeed1000™ (Front Panel View)

Important features

  • Wirespeed processing of ATM, PoS or RAW data for Tx and Rx for both ports (*PCIe card only).
  • Software selectable OC-3 / OC-12, or STM-1 / STM-4 for Unchannelized ATM, PoS or Transparent Traffic, and Channelized T1, E1, T3, E3 traffic.
  • Ability to capture/playback to/from disk at full rate in both directions for all ports. This permits detailed offline analysis that is not possible otherwise. Simultaneous synchronous capture is possible on all optical ports. The captured files can be played back to reproduce the traffic.
  • Comprehensive transmit/receive testing capabilities; transmitting and verifying data with incrementing sequence numbers with each packet/cell
  • Industry proven Protocol Analyzer for Unchannelized ATM (AAL2, AAL5), UMTS, and PPP (IP and higher layer protocols) stream, and Channelized protocols such as ISDN, SS7, CAS, and more.
  • Easy to use and flexible Bit Error Rate Test (BERT) application for ATM, POS, and RAW 
  • Complex and flexible hardware-based filtering options: sixteen 128 bit independently filters with bit masks, for both ports with AND/OR include/exclude conditions
  • Hardware based precise time stamping of cells / packets with 10 nsec resolution, 1 ppm accuracy
  • Single mode or multi-mode fiber SFP support

User can visit the mTOP™ OC-3/12 STM-1/4 LightSpeed1000™ web page for more details.

For comprehensive information on the product, please visit Multiple-Interface TDM, Optical, and Packet (mTOP™) Test Platform web page.

Please review the above and give us a call if you are interested in the above Product/Software or for any other applications listed in our website. We would be happy to discuss your testing needs and we look forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards,

Shelley Sharma
Phone: 301-670-4784 x114

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